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Hindu Festivals Of Kasargod

Sarvajanika Ganeshotsavam at Kasargod town

This festival is celebrated during September every year in connection with Ganesh Chathurthi, by the local people under the banner of Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava Samithi, Kasaragod. A big idol of Lord Ganesha is made with clay and adorned for five or seven days conducting poojas and on the last day the idol is taken with a procession through the town and to immerse in the temple tank. This festival attracts thousands of devotees. Ganesh Chathurthi day has been declared as public holiday in Kasargod District.

Annual Festival at Anantheswara temple, Manjeswaram

The annual car festival of the temple is on the Marga Shira month usually between the 3rd week of November and 3rd week of December. It is also called Shashti festival, which attracts thousands of devotees and pilgrims.

Madhur Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka temple annual festival

During the month of March/April every year. Special festival Moodappa seva conducted periodically in view of the huge expenses involved. A large number of devotees attend the 7 day festival.

Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Annual Festival

The temple is situated in Ednad village of Kasaragod taluk, 4 km east of Kumbla. The annual festival lasts for seven days during February every year. On the day of 'Thulava Sankramam' a large number of devotees attend the temple for Theertha Snanam, holy bath which is said to be curing skin diseases.

Kumbala Sree Gopalakrishna Temple

Five day festival during the month of January every year. Display of fire works at the end of the festival is very famous.

Adoor Mahalingeswara Temple

Annual Festival of the Temple starts with Dhwajarohanam on the 27th of Kumbam (Feb/March) every year and concludes with the holy dip in the waters of Payaswini on the 4th of Meenam (April) every year. The Makara Sankramam is an important festival day in the temple when a Sahasra Kumbabishekam with feeding of a large number of people takes place.

Mallikarjuna temple, Kasargod

One of the most important festival of Kasargod town, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The annual festival in the temple falls in the month of March and it attracts huge crowds. The festival lasts for five days. Legend says that the idol of Lord Shiva was adorned by Arjuna.

Mallam Durga Parameswari temple

The temple situates near Bovikanam in Muliyar village about 10 km away from Kasargod. The temple dedicated to Durga Parameswari. The only one temple from where the devotees get daily annadanam (food). A large number of piligrim visits the temple especially women folk. Tuesday and Friday are very important days in the temple. The annual festival lasts for 7 days, which falls in the month of February-March every year.

Thalaklayi Subrahmanya temple, Paravanadukkam

Situated about 5 km away south of Kasargod town. Dedicated to Lord Subramanya. The Shasthi festival during the month of December-January every year is famous which attracts large number of devotees. The festival last for days.

Kizhur Sri Sastha temple, Chandragiri

This is an ancient temple situated at Chandragiri which is about 6 km away from Kasaragod town. This is the head quarters of Anjooru Nayanmars - Troupes of five hundred professional singers sing jointly in praise of the greatness of the diety. This temple has close connections with Trikkannad Siva temple. The dignitaries of all the Kazhakams of Saliyas from Pattuvam to Panamboor (present Manglore) known as Pathinalu Nagaram assemble here annually on the second Saturday of November.

Trikkannad Siva temple

The temple is situated on the sea shore within one km of the Bekal bridge. The Pandyan Kallu, a rock rising above the sea near the temple is of historical importance. Legend says that when the Pandya rulers tried to attack the temple through the sea, the ship was burnt by the deity and the burnt ship became a rock, which is known as Pandyan Kallu. This temple is also known as Dakshina Kasi. The one week festival in the temple starts with the Kodiyettam (flag hoisting) during the month of March-April every year. Ashtami Villakku and Pallivetta are associated with the festival. Thousand of devotees from all over the district attend the festival. This is the only one temple with face to the west.

Palakkunnu Shree Bhagavathy Kshetram

Palakkunnu Shree Bhagavathy Kshetram is one km north of Trikkannad on the Kasargod - Kanhangad road (Chandragiri route). It is one of the famous temples of the Thiyya community. The treasure house of the temple is situated near the railway gate of Kottikkulam railway station. Important deity is Mootha Bhagavathy (Kurumba Bhagavathi). Ilaya Bhagavathy, Dhandan, Ghandakarnam, Vishnu Moorthy and Gulikan are the sub deities. Padinhatta Chamundi, and Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi, are also worshipped in the Treasure house. The famous festival of the temple is Bharani Maholsavam which falls in the month of March every year. Maruputhari festival, during the month of December-January, Kalam Kanippu Maholsavam during the month of January and 'Poorolsavam' of March-April, are the other festivals of the temple. Bharani festival starts, the next day of the Arattu festival of Trikkannad temple. This temple has close connection with the Trikkannad temple. The rope used for Dhwajarohanam at Trikkannad temple is used for the Dhwajarohanam in the Palakkunnu temple, for Bharani festival. Bharani festival ends with the Auirathiri Ulsavam. The temple has jurisdiction over the areas of Pallikkere Panchayath, Udma Panchayath, Chemnad Panchayath and Kolathur village of Bedadka Panchayath. Every year on the festival day the deities of these areas give great offerings to the temple. These offerings are taken to the temple through colourful processions which is known as Kazhchae. After the end of each processions, brilliant fire works display, is conducted. A large number of people from all over the district and other districts and Karnataka state attend the Bharani festival especially to witness the Kazhchas and the fire works display which lasts for hours.

Bekal fort Mukhya Prana temple festival

Rama Navami is celebrated in the Bekal Fort, Mukhya prana temple dedicated to 'Hanuman', during the month of March-April every year. Various programmes are conducted in connection with the festival like Kathakali, Yakshagana, Harikatha, Ganamela etc, which attracts large number of people.

Madiyan Kooloom temple at Madiyan, Ajanur village

The famous Madiyan Koolam temple is situated about 5 km from Kanhangad, the head quarters of Hosdurg Taluk. The main deity of the temple is Bhadrakali (Kalarathri). There are also other deities like Kshethra Palan, Bhagavathy, Bhairavan etc. A peculiarity of this temple is that a Brahmin priest performs pooja only in the noon, while in the morning and evening poojas are performed by poojaris from Maniyani sect. The festivals in this temple are very famous which are known as 'Kalasam' and Pattulsavam. 'Kalasam' falls in the month of Edavam (May and June every year). 'Pattulsavam' falls in the month of Dhanu (December-January every year). Theyyam is performed during this festivals. Cultural performances religious rites, grant procession Fire works display etc. makes these festivals colourful.

Mannanpurathkavu, Nileshwar

Mannan purath kavu temple is situated at Nileshwar, near railway gate. This temple is dedicated to 'Durga' where poojas are performed by a sect called Pidarar. Another specialty of this temple is that Kurathi is performed here by sacrificing cocks. A large number of devotees visit this temple on Tuesday and Friday, the important days of the temple. Annual festival in this temple is known as 'Kalasam' which falls during Edavam (May) every year. Theyyam is performed on these festival days. Cultural performances and religious rites attracts thousands of devotees. Grand four in also conducted in connection with the festival.

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